Kaizen Coin ICO Start Date

The 1st week of Round 1 will have token bonuses starting at 20% for the 1st 24 hours. Bonus tokens will be sent after the first round of funding is completed

Send Ethereum tokens only to (we recommend 200,000 gas):


To add KaizenCoin:
Address: 0x9541FD8B9b5FA97381783783CeBF2F5fA793C262
Token Symbol: KZN
Decimals: 8

Kaizen Coin seeks to find low risk, high potential investment opportunities in an uncertain crypto currency market, so long as they have the right balance of risk vs yield. As a balanced crypto fund, we will have a mixture of proven coins (Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, etc.) along with some newer issued coins like Ardor, Golem, AdEx, Monaco etc. in an effort to reduce risk and provide growth for our token holders. (The aforementioned coins are just to be used as examples). The balance fund will be around a 60/40 split and the portfolio of coins is up to the fund manager.


Q: Can I send bitcoin?

A: No, the way the smart contract is setup, you need to send Ethereum and it will automatically send you your Kaizen coin

Q: I read in another whitepaper that Kaizen Coin would issue KZN as a dividend, now ETH. Why the change

A: The decision was reached after much consultation to make dividend payments in ETH instead of KZN to prevent flooding the market and exchanges, thus potentially lowering the price. Also being a closed fund, we need to be wary of the amount of tokens minted to being paid out.

Q: How will we know what trades and ICO's you buy with the fund?

A: We will make announcements via our twitter feed and right here on the website. We will continue to utilize the mailinglist but only for major communications and dividend payments so you know to get your coins off the exchanges

Q: I read in an interview you guys did you are located in Ohio, US but the site states Uruguay.

A: That is correct. Investment firms located in the U.S. must abide by U.S. securities laws and regulations. In doing so, they must also follow AML (Anti-Money Laundering) guidelines. In the crypto-sphere, this is nearly impossible due to the fact that we have no idea who is buying the token or where funds came from. The lawyers advised the original firm to either move offshore or cancel the ICO. Feeling the need for a low fee close-end fund, the founders decided move the fund to its sister office in Uruguay. Here the fund will operate under the same principles but avoid any archaic laws. Sorry US citizens.

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About Kaizen Coin

Kaizen Coin is a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum platform that allows buyers to invest in various blockchain based businesses and receive income based on the performance of the underlying assets. Kaizen coin is a closed-ended token meaning once the $10 million cap is reached, no further tokens will be sold at the crowdsale.

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Coin Managers

Jason C. Fisher

Former Broker and Financial Advisor at American Express Financial Advisors, Smith Barney, and Mass Mutual Financial. Started in Bitcoin in 2010. Been managing large crypto portfolios for several large clients for 2 years.

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